In this section we list some of the questions that have been asked so far. Hopefully the answer will be in the detail for you, however if it's not then contact the member of the committee concerned and we will get right back to you as well as adding your enquiry to this list as the site develops.

What does my subscription fee pay for?

You will receive your personalised association membership card with card holder and for full members, a metal “E” brevet pin badge. You will be entitled to attend all of the planned events and the AGM. The fee also covers costs associated with postage, stationery, maintenance of the website and adhoc subsidies for annual events.

How many events are held each year?

There is an AGM and formal dinner held every Autumn.  Alongside this there are other events and regional beercalls held.  These are advertised on the website with details.

Is there a discount for overseas membership?

No. This was discussed at the 2011 AGM and whilst overseas members will clearly have difficulty in attending meetings and venues it was decided that a simple, across the board subscription fee is far easier to manage.

Do I have to join to access the website?

No. Much of the site will remain open to the internet audience. However there are now specific members only areas and to access these areas you will need to register on the site. Once you have registered and paid your first annual subscription your account will be authorised.  This will give you access to the members area which is where all agenda's, minutes, membership and photos are published.

How do I join?

In the first instance contact the Membership Secretary under “Contacts”. He will then provide you with an application form for return. Once your form has been checked and your first annual subscription has been made you will be entered onto the FEAEA membership roll.

Is my wife/partner allowed to participate/join?

Members of the association are entitled to bring their wives/partners to specific functions/meetings. These events will be publicised as and when appropriate. As such, full membership for wives/partners is not considered relevant.

Can I join the committee?

Volunteers will always be required to help with the committee work and any vacancies will published via the contacts page. If you would like to serve on the main or any sub-committees then please contact the Chairman through the contacts page. 


Put simply, the association exists to provide a forum for all serving and retired Flight and Air Engineers.