Stone 2 Update - January 2018 - The Installation Tool


This is just a quick note to show some progress for the start of the build for Stone 2, namely the installation tool. This will be installed into a hole dug in the ground at our selected location within NMA, this being approved also by the management of NMA.



 This shows the completed installation tool The 2 MDF discs seen on the top of it in this pic are not part of the tool, they were cut by the company who did the CNC machining for me (SLEC at Watton Norfolk)

They will be of use though as they prove that the PCD of the SS threaded rods is correct.


This pic shows the kit of parts. The 2 MDF discs mentioned above are on the right.

The main structural plates are on the left and are 25mm plywood.

All of the fasteners are Stainless Steel.



The first disc fitted is the middle one, it was accurately levelled on an already very level bench.


In this pic, the tool is upside down so you are seeing the top plate.

The SS stud seen below, is 50mm long.

This is what the S2 plinth will be bolted to, eventually.



In this pic, right way up now, can be seen half nuts. If we need to, we can very accurately level the S2 plinth by using these.

In addition, this plate has holes 16.5mm dia to just fit over the M16 threaded rods.

The plinth holes will be 18mm diameter so allowing some leeway there too.



Not too exciting, especially as all of this apart from the top 50mm will be buried in concrete, but it is an essential part of the build.

Timescale wise, this will be installed by our Ground Works contractor (who works more or less exclusively for NMA) in March, after the last frosts.

The company making the rest of the project have allocated me a workshop slot of 22 and 23 May. This will then complete the manufacture of the brevet part and its mounting plate. The plinth is being made locally here in N Walsham.

I anticipate the installation June/July, depending times for 2 of us to go and bolt it down!

I will do a photographic story of the brevet build as well, when it happens

Please be aware that we still need funding for this, so if you haven't yet contributed, and intend to, please send Gary Richards your contribution. If over £50 your name will be on the rear of the inscription plate.

Ian Harvey.