Association Data Protection Policy

In order to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  the FEAEA Association will handle personal data in the following manner:

 We will hold the following details about each member in the Association's Membership Register:


  • Personal details including Name, address, contact details and brief service history.  This will be taken from the information provided by the individual when applying for membership or any subsequent correspondence.
  •  Details regarding members’ subscription status and payments  made to the association.


The information will be only accessible to the Association’s committee members in order to carry out their respective functions and communicate with the membership.  It will not be shared outside of the Association. 

  • The only exception to this is the “List of Members”  in the private area of the website which only lists members’ names.


Individuals have the right to view the personal data held by the association.

Individuals have the right to ask for their personal data to be deleted although this may make their membership unworkable.

The association will not share an individual’s personal data with other members unless specific permission is given by the individual.

 Personal data of deceased/resigned members will be retained by the association unless specifically requested by the family/individuals.

 All questions regarding this policy including access to, and deletion of data, should be addresses to the Membership Secretary via the link on the website.