Stone 2 - The Installation


S2 is now bolted to planet Earth in the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas, Staffordshire.


For those of you not aware of the manufacturing process, all of it, except the legs was cut using water jet cutting. The water is mixed at the nozzle with talcum powder consistency Garnet dust, and is at circa 30000psi, depending on the material being cut. In our case this was 10mm thick 316 grade Stainless Steel, and circa 19mm thick Granite and Limestone.

The pics below show the cutting of the black Granite of the brevet...............…

The same process was used for the SS......…. 

Here is the frame for the inscription plates, this being 6mm thick 316 SS


The brevet steel was welded in Southampton by a local firm, the design was to have no visible welds....


The granite is glued to the SS with a recommended West Epoxy product, there is a lip around the bottom of the brevet shape to carry the weight of the Granite so therefore taking shear loads off the adhesive.

The plinth (legs) was welded here in North Walsham. The whole was then trial assembled in my garage before Nick Nicholls and I travelled to NMA to install it onto the pre made base.


All that remains now is to complete the inscription plates. Anyone who wants their name on the rear facing plate MUST contribute £50 or more BEFORE the 29 September this year. After that it will be too expensive to add names (Circa £1000 I'm told)

Another feature is that the legs are hollow, Nick and I installed 3 Time Capsules into one of them. I have mentioned this before, but there has been no uptake so far, so, here is the final offer...........

I will make FOC a time capsule for anyone wanting one. There are 2 sizes, a 140mm one for USB memory sticks and a 300mm one for A4 sized paper rolled. The ID of the tubes is 28mm, so 3 or 4 pages of A4 paper rolled will fit.

At some time next year I will re-visit NMA and install them. This has to be the last chance for this, my motorhome now knows its own way there!

So, looking forward now to the Dedication Ceremony on 27 October at NMA.