New Merchandise Offer

Dear FEAEA member,
As the committee member responsible for Merchandising my job has not been particularly demanding. Apart from the F/E tie and shield, up to now I have not been able to think of any items which would be of interest to the membership. Most of us have reached that stage in our careers where “Attic Padding” has lost its appeal and I have automatically excluded anything that might need dusting. However, I recently took delivery of a poppy pin with the “E” brevet superimposed in its centre. I approached the manufacturer and discussed the possibility of producing the brevet on its own. I’m pleased to say that this is possible and the company has produced the following artwork to illustrate what the finished product would look like. The 25mm would be reduced to 18mm for the slide and cufflinks.

The company has said that it can provide the format as a Lapel Pin, Tie Slide and Cufflinks
The individual items would retail at: £5 for the Lapel Pin, £9 for Tie Slide and £12 for the Cufflinks. This would include P&P within the UK. Ordered as a set it would be £23, saving £3 
As there is minimum order from the manufacturer, and I will personally be underwriting the order, I would appreciate an indication from the membership if interest is sufficient for me to proceed further with the process.
With kind regards,
Nick Nicholls