Aircraft types with RAF Air Engineers/Flight Engineers as crew members

The recent poll to decide the inscription on the Stone 2 Plaque prompted many of our members to reflect on the history of the branch.  Whilst the chosen inscription provides an accurate precis of our history it doesn't list all of the aircraft on which Air Engineers and Flight Engineers flew.  To that end Dave Mort has kindly provided the following list.  This list will, in due course, form the outline of part of the "History" section which will be included on the website.
Aircraft with Air Engineer/Flight Engineer
Argosy    B-17 Fortress    B-24 Liberator    B-29 Washington    B.707(NATO)    Belfast    Beverley    Britannia    Catalina    Comet
C-54 Skymaster    E-3D Sentry    Halifax    Hastings    Hercules    Lancaster    Lancastrian    Lincoln    Manchester    Neptune
Nimrod    Shackleton    Stirling    Sunderland    TriStar    VC 10    Whitley VII    York
Many other types carried an Air Engineer/Flight Engineer over the past 76 years, carrying out other flying duties such as Observer, Crewman, Air Refuelling operator, Flight Instructor, Pilots assistant, Loadmaster, Cabin supervisor etc..........
A few of these fixed and rotary types are listed below. Additions to either list will be welcome for the sake of posterity!
Varsity   Dominie (HS-125)    BAC 1-11    Chinook    Belvedere    Voyager    Chipmunk ! (BRIXMIS)